Global Wining explores vineyards accross the globe, looking for solutions to integrate climate change effects in the wine production process.

To do so, we’ll be visiting 13 countries, beginning in April 2018. After a month in wonderful South Africa, we’ll enjoy our longest flight to Hong Kong and then the Yunnan and Ningxia provinces.

Following China and its amazing landscapes we’ll head to Australia to discover the New South Wales region, birthplace of wine in the country. New Zealand is the next step. No doubt we’ll appreciate the diversity of its people, sheeps, and wine.

Beginning of August announces the start of our American trip. After a month in California, we’ll explore South America during three months: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, where the Mendoza region will sure be a wonderful experience.

In December we’ll enjoy a quick come back in France, our native  country to spend some time with our families for Christmas. January and February 2019 will be dedicated to Europe, visiting Spain, Italy and the UK.

Follow the story of two lifetime friends, passionate about the wine industry and willing to explore the effect of climate change to ensure its sustainability  

Baptiste and Benjamin met at Kindergarden when they were hardly 5. Since then, they’ve been sharing an impressively unfailing friendship and more surprisingly family. Baptiste’s mother and Benjamin’s father got married 10 years ago and made these two young teenagers step-brothers ! That’s part of their incredible story and that’s maybe what makes their team so special.

Baptiste, the tall bearded one, is the engineer spirit of the team. His logical and pragmatic mind will sure be keys to our project. More than just a smart guy, Baptiste loves to meet and get to know people, he is the best at networking. It is impossible to escape from this charming Global Winer.

Benjamin, the larger one, has a business and management background. Unfortunately we have nothing to sell here but he will sure take a special delight writing about their stories and organizing their different steps. Even if wine is obviously a shared passion with Baptiste, Benjamin might be one step ahead regarding his wine drinking skills.



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